Balance Round Neck T-Shirts and Hoodies

Balance Round Neck T-Shirts and Hoodies

Balance Round Neck T-shirts is an exclusive product by OpiumValley.

History of Balance Design

This trend of round neck t-shirts goes back in time to 1932. Officially, This design came alongside with the rise of demand of the undergarments for the American football players. This design is also known as crew-neck t-shirts. While the round neck hoodies became a thing in the late 1980s with the evolution of American hip-hop culture, Hip-hop as a genre addressed a lot of socio-political issues in the form of art at that time, with that people's attention gets shifted more towards hip hop then ever. As a result, people started following the clothing trend that it brought to the table. Which were Hoodies, printed round neck hoodies. There's one more type of T-shirt design, that is widely popular these days, known as V-neck T-shirts. Nowadays, people prefer either printed tees or plain minimal design tees. That is why OpiumValley has brought every type of round neck t-shirts such as Printed tees, Graphic tees, etc.


Cost and Availability

Balance T-shirts and hoodies maybe two different genres of clothing, but the quality and comfort that they provide are always the same. These Printed Tees are available for just Rs. 599 and is available in a variety of sizes and colors that fits your needs for the same price from S to 3XL. Black, Charcoal, White, Coffee, Burgandy are the colors to choose from. It covers every type of shade that appeals to the eye. Same is the case with the Hoodies, and they're priced at Rs.1,399. Though you get limited three color options here, which is Black, Blue, Gray, and sizes vary from S to XXL.


If you're a new customer or an older one, it doesn't matter because the benefits that you'll get are equal. If you're using Prepaid payment methods, you'll get 5-20% cashback, which is pretty awesome. One more thing, To stay updated with more ongoing offers, you should keep an eye on the promotional bar of our website because we love our customers and we value their purchases, so we continue providing them with amazing discounts, cashback or any other fantastic schemes as per need of the hour.

These exclusive products are manufactured from Biowashed cotton which has various benefits in the long-lasting run, for example, our products won't shrink if soaked or after washing, no matter how many times you wash them. No color fading. What good is a product that loses its color after some time of its use? With our product, you get a full warranty that it will stay as it was new. No linting also even after you wash it three times a week. 180 GSM clothing. These qualities make our products reliable and long-lasting — value for money.

What goes into the production of these are few essential things such as Direct To Garment(DTG) for printing, Water Based Ink for natural-looking and not erasing color print. Rubber Prints are not used as they can be torn apart during washing of these products.

Owning these products is one thing, but maintaining is another thing. No matter how good a product is, maintenance is always required to double-check its quality.

Use deodorants carefully, such as apply them to your t-shirts from a certain distance as they damage the cotton and can leave a mark on your t-shirt.

If still, you get any stain then you shouldn't suddenly rush to was them with detergents. First, wash them with water and then with detergents.

Always remember to reverse the t-shirts or Hoodies before putting them to sun drying as this will help in keeping the original color of the t-shirts.

Use soft detergents and bleaching powders to wash them.

Scrub with hands only this will keep the product from damaging and will last long.


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