Dimension Round Neck T-Shirts That Make You A Celebrity Among Friends

Dimension Round Neck T-Shirts That Make You A Celebrity Among Friends

Have you ever faced a moment when all the eyes are stuck to your chest? OOppss!!! I mean to your t-shirt design? If your answer is no, believe me, you should feel that proud moment to be an owner of a unique tee. This exactly will happen when you exchange your old t-shirts with dimension t-shirt. They not only look awesome but mind-boggling.

What is dimension t-shirt?

If you are not familiar with this term, let’s make it clear. In simpler words, creative graffiti arts on the t-shirts are called dimension t-shirt. These are one of a kind printed t-shirts.

First thing first, what is graffiti? Let’s know it all in a nutshell. Graffiti is one of the parts of archaeology, and with the waft of the trendy wind, it comes at the threshold of apparel design. Initially, it was writing or drawing made on the wall surface. Most of the times, it was made to express one's rage, emotion, in a shape of art. This is why these are created without permission and within public view. These are simply written world that is elaborated on the wall to make it artistic. Dating back, the wall of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece experienced this art.
In modern times, thanks to spray painting and market pens, have become the most common graffiti material. This wall art or graffiti takes a special appearance on the t-shirt painting in the modern era. And, it is called dimension t-shirt.

The Journey from Graffiti to Dimension T-Shirt:

1980 was the time when graffiti was manifested itself in the commercial fields and was given a name commercial graffiti. Also, it has been called aerosol advertising. In New York City it spread all over the marketplace, and soon top marketers from Paris, London, Berlin started adopting this process. Initially, it was used in promoting games or projecting the life of street artists. At last, it becomes a part of the t-shirt design.

How to price and check availability of the T-shirt?

One of the major aspects of running a clothing brand is to make the right price on the products. Getting products at a cheaper price is a common temptation. A lot of sellers are there who are ready to sell you dimension t-shirt in a cheaper, but most of the time, quality of the fabric and colour differentiation. However, you have to remember that all graphic t-shirts at a cheaper price will not dimension t-shirt, also, not all are made of 180 GSM. Talking about the availability of the right quality t-shirt, e-commerce websites are the right option to chose when you want to buy t-shirts online in India.

You must look for the website like Opium Valley that not only provide you with a huge range of dimension round neck t-shirt with on-time shipping and reasonable price along with 5-20% cash back on all prepaid payments.

Printing Style:

Dimension printing has a lot of demand. Men are fond of these bold graffiti on their tees. A lot of printing technique has been done in creating the illusion on the dimension printing. However, no rubber printing is used here. People love tee shirt for its comfy wearing. On the contrary, rubber printing breaks the comfort of the users. The natural holes of the fabric cotton are blocked by the rubber print. So, this is really not a good idea for comfort wear. Also, it is too bad for a demotion t-shirt or a graffiti design t-shirt because in this style, almost all the frontal part of the tee.

Sublimation or DTG (Direct to garment technique) go best with this type of printing. In the DTG the colours prints on the fabric accordingly with the help of a conveyer belt. You can use multicolour in DTG printing style. On the other hand, using the sublimation printing technique the outcome will become glossy and smooth. Also, the designs of sublimation printing could be sharper and prominent as it is done y special software.

Bottom Line:

So, are you feeling enthusiastic to be a centre of attraction in college, university and in any of a public place? Try a dimension round neck t-shirt and be the cool guy amongst the friends.