Explicit Content - Round Neck T-shirt

Explicit Content - Round Neck T-shirt

Parental Advisory or Explicit Content came about as a warning label on records that consisted of any explicit content in 1985. With the rise of the recording industry in the West, a lot of songs were sung that contained foul language, unsuitable talks and came out with this warning label. While such records were a big success, they were not appropriate for all communities and ages. Thus, to overcome the growing anger in some sections, the records were released with a warning.

The earlier sign that came with the records read: ‘Warning: Tone of this record unsuitable for minors’. This marked that the released songs were not suitable for a certain age and required parental advisory. Soon after, the sign was changed to its current design in 1996 with a rather impactful wording and design. The current label of the Parental Advisory/Explicit Content sign reads: 'Parental Advisory' at the top followed by 'Explicit Content'. It is known as the parental advisory symbol as well as the explicit content.

Explicit Design at Opium Valley

People started associating the label with a cool vibe that left much unsaid. This made the label immensely popular and the trend continues till date. The label, which has been in place since 1996, works through a powerful color scheme of black and white. The warning label continues to signify that content it follows may be inappropriate.

As the label became visible on records of famous singers, it gained immense popularity in 1996. The label became a symbol to reckon with and was used in multiple ways. It gave way to adopting this label as a design on apparels, especially with T-shirts. As a result the design became a part of Opium Valley’s signature style. You can find a number of Printed T-Shirt and Printed hoodie designs with this label online.

Opium Valley’s collection of Explicit Content T-shirts and reflect the best of design and product quality when you are looking to Buy Mens T- Shirts Online for that matter. While the colors and font of the Explicit Content label is very simple in design, it comes across as bold and impactful.

Affordable for all sizes

If you are looking to Buy Mens T- Shirts Online, look no further than the Explicit Round Neck T-shirt collection. The T-shirts come in different solid and striking colors like black, white, light yellow, sea green, red, burgundy, coffee and blue. All the colors work perfectly as the base for these T-shirts. The Printed T-shirt come in colors of blue, black and charcoal and are made of 100% cotton with 320 GSM brushed fleece fabric and costs Rs. 599 are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL.

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Premium Quality Products

The T-shirt are extremely comfortable to wear with the fabric falling soft on the body and being lightweight at 180 and 320 GSM respectively. All Explicit Content T-shirts are made of biowashed cotton. The fabric allows the colors to stay maintained and keeps the product in its natural soft touch. As a result, our products don’t lead to any shrinking, stretching or linting.

Printing that lasts

The Explicit Content label appears on the chest of the T-shirt and hoodie in clear graphic design. The print has no gaps or appears worn out as the Print T-shirt follow quality printing. These products exude the power of the design and allow you to wear it with much confidence backed by trusted quality and impactful print. We follow the concept of Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) along with the use of water based Ink. This keeps the design intact as we do not follow the mechanism of Rubber print on any of our products.

For lasting Explicit Content Products

To ensure that your Explicit Content T-shirts are well-maintained, just follow these steps:

  • Wash product immediately if there is a stain.

  • Wash product with mild detergent.

  • Do not expose product to direct sunlight while drying. Reverse and dry.

  • Do not scrub the t-shirt with bush as it will damage the design on the t-shirt and will damage the t-shirt on a long run.