Illusion - Round Neck T-Shirts

Illusion - Round Neck T-Shirts

The illusion is an Opium Valley clothing brand that offers explicit t-shirt range for men. However, quite contrary to the contemporaries, the thing that sets this brand apart is the Illusion t-shirts signature style that is popular for its explicit content design.
The t-shirts are popular for the Parental Advisory - Explicit Content label that has turned to be a cool fashion statement among men. One can buy mens t shirts online through their official website offered in different categories exclusively on Opium Valley.

History of Design
The history of this design dates back to 1985. During this period a lot of western albums contained explicit content which was not considered suitable among certain communities and age group. The term Explicit content Parental guidance advisable started to do rounds as a warning sign. Soon the warning sign started to appear in all recordings and turned into a popular tag.

Design Story & Why we choose this design
The sign which was used as a label for minors soon transformed into a popular design used as content on printed design t-shirts. And this how the popular label of Illusion T-shirts came into existence.
The transformation of design from a warning sign to an apparel label happened in 1996. The tag soon earned a lot of popularity as a cool style statement that came across as a cool vibe was the very reason for choosing it as our product design. This label thus was applied as a symbol and paved the way for Illusion to come into existence and turn into a popular brand.

Cost and Availability
Buy mens t shirts online from illusion offered at reasonable rates starting at a price of Rs 599 available in the sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. The illusion printed graphic t-shirts are offered in round neck, v neck, and Henley designs.

These shrink-free pure cotton printed t-shirts are available in a range of striking and solid colors. These include black, yellow, white, sea-green red, burgundy coffee, blue, charcoal.

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  • Advantages of bio-washed cotton
  • Each t-shirt is made up of bio-washed cotton which renders a soft touch to the wearer.
  • All the products are 100% shrink free
  • No color fade
  • No linting
  • 180 GSM


DTG - The design is printed using Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) blending it with water-based ink instead of using rubber print technique. This makes the design last for long without making it appear faded or worn out.

Water Based Ink – The ink used for printing is water based which makes it fade free. The high-quality material makes the color last longer and not lose its luster for a long time.
Rubber printing is not used – We do not use rubber printing technique that ensures the graphics in the t-shirt does not fade off or peel away.


  • As easy it is to print a t-shirt, more effort is required to maintain it which is prone to damage due to improper washing techniques.
  • Below listed are tips for keeping the graphic t shirts in good condition:
  • Do not apply any deodorant or perfume after wearing the t-shirt. The chemical in the perfume can leave stains and damage the t-shirts.
  • In case of stain ensure to wash it immediately, first washing in normal water and then in detergent.
  • Do not put your t-shirt directly under sunlight during the dry wash.
  • Reverse the t-shirt during dry-wash in order to prevent its color from getting faded.
  • Do not bleach or use strong detergents
  • Avoid scrubbing the t-shirt with bush as it can lead to damaging the design and peeling it off.