Know all about Henley t-shirt

Know all about Henley t-shirt

Know all about Henley t-shirt

Plain Henley t-shirts don’t really have a specific season. Plain Henley t-shirts are best worn in all seasons because of their design and the material they are made of. Plain Henley t-shirts are collarless t-shirts that are worn by men usually and are a perfect fit for all. Plain Henley t-shirts are like pullovers but are light weighted and are a great option to wear them throughout any season.

Other detailing about Henley t-shirts

A plain Henley t-shirt is a collarless shirt with a buttoning placket or “flies” in the front. Henley’s can be long or short-sleeved. Short-sleeved versions look much like a polo shirt without the turndown collar, while long-sleeved ones resemble a sweater with a narrow and buttoning V-neck. You can get plain Henley t-shirt in everything from lightweight summer weaves to thick, quilted constructions with some vibrant and bright colours to match with every season. Starting from Rs 549, Henley t-shirts make a perfect outfit for daily wear as well as outings. With small black buttons on the neck, the t-shirt gets an enhanced look which is just perfect.

Know some more about Henley t-shirts

If you are a person who likes long sleeved t-shirts then you can go for plain Henley t-shirts as they are not only stylish but also a great way to stay stylish. They too can be paired with various accessories and bottoms depending on the design and style. Plain Henley t-shirt is all that you need and has to be in your wardrobe for some or the other occasion. With a plain Henley t-shirt you can always look well dressed as they are designed in such a way.

In Opium Valley you can pick any colour of your choice at an affordable price and that too of high quality and the t-shirts are available in half sleeves which make them a perfect casual wear. Made of 100% cotton, combed and bio washed, the t-shirts are super comfy to wear and simply stylish to look.

Other options that you get with plain Henley t-shirt is that you can easily add some detailing with it and make it something stylish and smart. With plain Henley t-shirt you can also have the perfect look. They are good for winter as well when the cold is very mild and just chills are there. You can wear a plain Henley t-shirt with a sleeved quilted jacket and that’s enough to stay stylish and warm in winter. So, flaunt your style in the best way and do not compromise on the looks. Shop for Henley t-shirts from Opium Valley and slay the look.


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