Skull Weed Round Neck T-Shirts and Hoodies

Skull Weed Round Neck T-Shirts and Hoodies

Round neck T-shirts started selling back in 1932 in the U.S. and went under production at the same time as T-shirts were introduced. These were first developed as an undergarment that can not only absorb all the sweat off the American football player’s body but also for preventing their shoulder pads from abrading. This design is often confused with crew neck design, but not all Crew neck t-shirts are Round neck t-shirts. Round neck is generally loose fits while Crew neck t-shirts are snug fits. This design was hugely appreciated and looked fancier, so eventually, this design was made available for the general public in various varieties like plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts, graphic tees, etc. Round Neck Hoodies, on the other hands, were developed before T-shirts, in 1930 in the United States for the workers working in Cold new york warehouses. With growing Hip Hop culture in the U.S., these Hoodie took off and came to recognition in 1970, while the term ‘Hoodie’ became popular in the ’90s. They too come in different design and shapes now. They are rounded, V-neck, etc.

History of Skull Weed Design

Skull Weed Round Neck T-shirts and Hoodies recently came into trends. This Skull weed symbol or Skull Weed cannabis symbol has a deep history. The association between the dead and the weed is claimed to be established long before the 1960s. The Researchers have claimed to identify the strains of Cannabis buried in the mortuary rituals around 500 B.C. in the Pamir Mountains in Western China. This proves that Cannabis was used for ceremonies, medicinal, and recreation over millennia. This recent discovery has drastically affected the sales of this particular design.


 Cost and Availability

These printed tees come with different sizes, shapes, and at different prices. Opium Valley provides its customers with vast choices like there are different color shades such as Charcoal, White, Burgandy, Coffee, Black. Whatever color suits you amongst these, We’re here to provide you. You also have size options such as L, M, XL, XXL,3XL, which are pretty industry standards these days, that means it’ll fit you perfectly. Whatever size or color combination you’ll choose you won’t be charged more than Rs 599, which is the retail price of these Skull weed round neck t-shirts. Hoodies of this same design on the other hands come in Blue, Black, and Charcoal color with all the standard sizes that you can choose from L to 3XL for just Rs 1,399.


OpiumValley values their customers needs and provides best in the market offers to their first time and regular customers. We at OpiumValley provide 5-20% cashback on all prepaid payments. You can also look for the promotion bars for any ongoing offers.

These exclusive products are manufactured from Biowashed cotton which has various benefits in the long-lasting run, for example, our products won’t shrink if soaked or after washing, no matter how many times you wash them. No color fading. What good is a product that loses its color after some time of its use? With our product, you get a full warranty that it will stay as it was new. No linting also even after you wash it three times a week. 180 GSM clothing. These qualities make our products reliable and long-lasting — value for money.

What goes into the production of these are few essential things such as Direct To Garment(DTG) for printing, Water Based Ink for natural-looking and not erasing color print. Rubber Prints are not used as they can be torn apart during washing of these products.

Owning these products is one thing, but maintaining is another thing. No matter how good a product is, maintenance is always required to double-check its quality.

  • Use deodorants carefully, such as apply them to your t-shirts from a certain distance as they damage the cotton and can leave a mark on your t-shirt.

  • If still, you get any stain then you shouldn’t suddenly rush to was them with detergents. First, wash them with water and then with detergents.

  • Always remember to reverse the t-shirts or Hoodies before putting them to sun drying as this will help in keeping the original color of the t-shirts.

  • Use soft detergents and bleaching powders to wash them.

  • Scrub with hands only this will keep the product from damaging and will last long.


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