Valknut Round Neck T-Shirt and Hoodies

Valknut Round Neck T-Shirt and Hoodies

Have you ever noticed a symbol with three interlocking triangles? It’s visible through tattoos, on apparels and a growing rage in Printed T-Shirt and Hoodies. At first it may appear as an interesting design, but on a closer look and study you will note that it has deeper connotation.

Known as the Valknut, the symbol finds relevance in Old Norse language and ancient mythology prevalent between 9th to 13th centuries. Old Norse, a language spoken among Scandinavian inhabitants is said to have led to the formation of the word Valknut. The symbol has been prevalent in the works of ancient Germans.


Valknut design at Opium Valley

When it comes to the meaning of the symbol, it has been associated with many significant events and people. A long association has been with the German god, Odin. He is known to be significantly worshiped during the period and regarded as the symbol of wisdom and knowledge among other attributes. Another widely accepted association of the Valknut symbol has been with the Nine Noble Virtues coming from the Odinic Rite. These virtues reflect values found in Norse religion and are considered relevant in modern times.

  • Courage

  • Truth

  • Honor

  • Fidelity

  • Discipline

  • Hospitality

  • Self Reliance

  • Industriousness

  • Perseverance

Going by the importance of the symbol and the history it has, Opium Valley has made the symbol a part of its printed t-shirts and printed Hoodies. This comes with the idea that people should wear clothes with symbols they can relate to and those which have some connotation. When you look to Buy T-Shirts Online in India, you often come across T-shirts and Hoodies with random designs. If you look at the design and try to decipher it meaning, there is nothing. People like to carry designs on clothes that are significant and mean something. In such a case, the Valknut T-shirts and Valknut Hoodies are a good buy.

The Valknut round neck t-shirts can be worn out casually to college, while meeting friends, going for a movie and so on. Online shopping is a rage and people look for quality and great designs. There is a lot to experiment with our T-shirts and Hoodies as symbols make a great association. So the next time you look to Buy Mens T-Shirts Online or want to add comfy Hoodies to your collection make sure that you check out the Valknut collection at Opium Valley.

Affordable for all sizes

The Valknut T-shirts are extremely popular in Round neck and with solid colors as the base. The colors are kept solid as they allow the symbol to appear clearly and seem relevant. The color scheme is minimal yet impactful with solid colors like Black, White and Charcoal. These T-shirts come in 100% cotton fabric and with high quality graphic of the symbol. The Hoodies come in colors of blue, black and charcoal and are made of 100% cotton with 320 GSM brushed fleece fabric. The Printed T-shirt costs Rs. 599 are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL, while the range of Hoodies cost Rs. 1399 and available in sizes available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Watch out for offers

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Premium Quality Products

The T-shirt and Hoodies are extremely comfortable to wear with the fabric falling soft on the body and being lightweight at 180 and 320 GSM respectively. All Valknut T-shirts and Valknut Hoodies are made of biowashed cotton. The fabric allows the colors to stay maintained and keeps the product in its natural soft touch. As a result, our products don’t lead to any shrinking, stretching or linting.


Printing that lasts

The symbolic representation of signs of historic significance is portrayed beautifully on each piece of T-shirt wear and Hoodies available online. You will see the three triangles interlocked neatly and are of the same size. Each triangle is visible clearly on its own. There is a print of leaves that fills the triangles and adds depth to the entire design. We follow the concept of Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) along with the use of water based Ink. This keeps the design intact as we do not follow the mechanism of Rubber print on any of our products.


For lasting Valknut Design Products

To ensure that your Valknut T-shirts and Valknut Hoodies are well-maintained, just follow these steps:

  • Wash product immediately if there is a stain.

  • Wash product with mild detergent.

  • Do not expose product to direct sunlight while drying. Reverse and dry.

  • Do not scrub the t-shirt with bush as it will damage the design on the t-shirt and will damage the t-shirt on a long run.