Why are Printed T-Shirts More Popular Than Normal T-Shirts?

Why are Printed T-Shirts More Popular Than Normal T-Shirts?

Men and women both love to wear T-shirts.  They really feel comfortable to wear T-shirts in summer. It keeps them cool. Today, many types of T-shirts are available in the market. Different people wear different types of T-shirts according to their suitability. They wear T-shirts to look modern. The T-shirts that people wear are of different types. They are made of different types of sleeves, neck and patterns. Some of them are just plain, while some shirts comprise of design,   while some of them comprise of printed design.

Today, many people prefer to wear printed t-shirts, because they look modern. They comprise of unique design and look really trendy on both men and women. These prints are usually extracted from computer. Usually, the graphic professionals provide design to the fashion designers. They may consist of logo, text or images. The images are high-quality. The design that is printed on the t-shirt is really unique. Some of them even comprise of text. The text is made of different type of font types. The graphic professionals use different types of tools to prepare a design for T-shirt.

Many people buy these T-shirts online. Some of the popular online stores of the world deal with these t-shirts. These shirts comprise of different types of designs that look modern. The shape of the objects is usually drawn so perfectly that any person looking at the t-shirt can feel dazzled.

People should wear t-shirts that are branded and manufactured by popular manufacturers. So, the men can buy online branded t-shirts for men exclusively. Some of the t-shirts that are meant for men are usually large and are available in different patterns that are liked by men. Usually men prefer patterns or designs that comprise of images such as sports, movie characters, or text describing a company, etc. So, the branded t-shirts comprise of such design. Most of such t-shirts are customized. The people can customize the way they require. When men want to attend events such as conferences, company meetings, etc, they wear such branded t-shirts. The printed t-shirts may be expensive compared to the other t-shirts. But, they are durable and are made from good quality.

People prefer to wear such shirts because they are durable, whereas the normal t-shirts can be used for a shorter period. People buy ordinary t-shirts because they are cheap and they can use it relatively for some time. After using it for short period, they cannot use it regularly rather than using it as a wiping cloth. But the printed t-shirts can be used even for functions. They look sophisticated and a person looks really richer. Such shirts are available in different types of designs, patterns, sleeves or collars or necks etc. They can be made of different types of necks such as polo neck, V-neck, round neck etc.

Different types of prints available are heat press printing, screen printing, direct to garments, dye sublimation, vinyl cutting etc. The screen printing is also known as silkscreen printing. This material is held by nylon mesh. It is also a waterproof material and is permeable for dye ink. This screen printing is suitable for high-quality t-shirt designs. Such screen printing methods are used for mass production and they comprise of unique design.

The Direct to Garment is ideal for hobbyists and it works like a DTG printer and is excellent for super-complex design and it gives a soft feel on the hands. It consists of an ink that does not comprise of thick layers and it is thin.

The heat press printing design is economical and on the t-shirts vinyl heat transfer takes place and then heat and pressure is applied. This type of t-shirt is exposed until the heat is softened on the paper and glossy paper transfer takes place.  It comprises of translucent dye.

Vinyl cutting is also a special cloth that is cut into different designs and shapes. These special designs are placed on the shirt and then heat press method is used. This type of such prints is used for sportswear, small graphics or slogans, etc.

So, a person can buy shirts online in India because many stores are providing online services.