Yin-Yang Round Neck T-Shirts

Yin-Yang Round Neck T-Shirts

T-shirts, these days, become a style statement. Wearing the right type of tee speaks out loud what your heart wants to say. Irrespective of the size, fit and colour, people are picking their tee shorts that reflect their moods. For example, if you are fond of rock and metallic music no doubt, tees with “sign of horns” are there in your wardrobe. On the other hand, globetrotter’s design their tee shirt with the emblem of mountains, camera, bikes and all other things that are related to travelling. So, nowadays tee shirts are more than motivation than just attire.

A thorough market study says that recent days, Yin-Yang t-shirt is one of a kind appeal that is high in demand among the young men. Many of us love to wear this type of tee without knowing its name and background.

History of Yin-Yang Design

According to Chinese belief, Yin-Yang is the symbol of dualism that accepts the existence of negative and positive together. In Chinese “Yin” means “Dark” and “Yang” means “Bright”. This philosophy says that how seemingly opposite forces actually complement each other. It represents the reality of the world. In the Chinese cosmology, the whole universe creates itself from the primary chaos of the permanent circle of Yin and Yang. It also shows the permanent circle of summer and winter in nature, shades and brightness in the landscape, female and male in sexuality, order and disorder in social-political history. Actually, it conveys all. These types of printed t-shirts are designed with the bi-coloured ball although variations are there in design, colour, and representation.

Cost and Availability

This style balances your “Chi” through this t-shirt. “Chi” is to be the vital forces that form the part of any living entity, according to Chinese philosophy. However, one must have to consider the cost of an ideal tee. Going through a deep market survey, you will understand that you cannot have one price of this kind of tee shirt because of the different quality of design, and its basic costing. However, 500 to 600 INR is an ideal price of a quality tee shirt that is designed by digital printing.

Also, you have to make a smart choice by ordering your favourite tee from a website like Opium valley that offers 5-20% cash back almost in all prepaid payments. This not only saves you money but provide something extra that is not there in traditional buying or in any normal e-commerce website.

Printing Type of the Design

Sure, it is a core technical part of the graphic t-shirts, but gathering a little knowledge about it will make no harm, do they?

Most of the t-shirts that have already been gathered a high demand by the young generation men are the finest products of screen printing. This is the mostly done technique in this printing industry. The screen printing gives the highest flexibility of using various print dyes. Therefore, the manufacturers can produce a variety of thickness and feel of the print according to the market and customer demand. This type of printing needs huge manpower and it is a traditional type of printing that gathers quite a good demand till date. Also, it can be done by automatic machines. Multiple colour printing is possible with this type and it consumes lesser time to print.

Sublimation is another type of printing that looks quite attractive and glossy, although it has been done on the polyester fabric. By this type, any design file can be converted in a tee shirt print through special software. For example, there are different types of designs in Yin-Yang design, and all are designed by the designers and converted into this sublimation software before having the outcome on the t-shirt.

Have you seen any photo on the t-shirt as it is? Well, they have been printed with the DTG or Direct to garment technique. It works just like other printing technique directly fed to the printer with the help of the conveyer belt. People love to buy online mens t shirts of this type because of using all types of colour.

All these printing techniques can be used in 180 GSM cotton that is the most ideal fabric quality that brings the most comfort.

So, why you wait? Be a funky dude with the chi style with the top class Yin-Yang t-shirt style and be the geek baba of your group.