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Sativa to change the things I can. Indica to accept the things I can't.

  • 180 GSM Cotton Feel Spun Polyester Fabric

  • It is printed with Oeko-Tex certified sublimation Inks on all sides.

  • The prints are long-lasting with the fade-proof guarantee.



A hybrid marijuana strain is a cross between Indica and Sativa genetics and it can inherit the features of both species.

Jilly Bean, Blue Dream, Banana Kush, and Dutch Treat are some of the most common hybrid marijuana strains. They are a combination of Sativa and Indica. A hybrid means mixing two of the primary species of cannabis. The terms “sativa”, “indica”, and “hybrid” are found in the folk taxonomy of marijuana and they predate contemporary chemical quantification of the plant. These terms are helpful for growers, consumers, and breeders of cannabis.

Since hybrids are a combination of indica and sativa, they can offer stimulating effects for the body and mind. As of the present, most strains in the market are composed of hybrids. There are very limited pure sativas and indicas because of global breeding programs.

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